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Chill Pack

Join the greatest #wellbeing multibrand campaign targeting professionals: Chill Pack - a full relax mood kit for professionals working at top Romanian companies.


Starring: your brand

Reach 10 000 white collar professionals

Chill Pack

The Campaign

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The process

1. We advertise the campaign via social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) and via direct emailing.

2. Department leads and HR managers register how many Chill Packs want for their teams.

3. We distribute the goodie bags to each company.

4. Professionals register to offer feedback.

5. They receive digital goodies (vouchers, coupons) from our partners.

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The Chill Pack is distributed directly in the offices to 10 000 white collar professionals, via our nationwide distribution network, based on the first-come, first-served mechanism.

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Department leads and HR managers receive an email with the Chill Pack’s availability and are prompted to register how many they want for their teams. Also, we advertise the campaign via social media, newsletters and press releases. 


The distribution is based on the FcFs mechanism until the 

10 000 target  is reached. 

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Digital component

Augment your brand’s experience with a digital message on Chill Pack’s dedicated feedback online page.


Step 1: Receive the Chill Pack and offer feedback 

Step 2: Registration for digital goodies (big prize, discount vouchers, special offers, discount coupons)

Step 3: After registration the participants receive the email with digital goodies from you and they enter the contest to win one of the big prizes we offer.



10 000 

professionals / edition

250+ companies

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Spring edition


May - June 2024





Autumn edition


October 2024


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  • 10.000 inserts in the pack (up to 50 gr) 

  • Logo on the gift bag 

  • Logo on the registration visual web page 

  • Insert in the follow up newsletters and feedback form

  • Mention as partner on social media communication campaign

Do you want to receive Chill Packs for your team?

If you want to register for Chill Pack, drop a line at

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