Educational Events

Educate your target group through a well rounded experience: face to face tips & tricks, educational material and engage students in a meaningful way, in a place they are familiar with.

Book your dedicated event inside high schools & universities, organised with a twist: add the educational component, in order to offer students pieces of valuable content which will enable them too better use your product or service.

This interaction represents the best mix of events and content marketing.

Educational Events

Teach students why & how to use your product


  • events' concept & structure

  • locations recommendations

  • locations approvals

  • locations logistics 

  • online & offline events' advertising 

  • students' registration

  • students' welcoming

  • promotional materials (flyers, samples) distribution

  • photo & video on location

  • adjusting & monitoring

  • reporting



22 universities nationwide - 400.000 students

400 high schools nationwide - 200.000 students

Time frame

October - November

March - April

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