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Why your company can't attract talented Millennials in Romania

In Romania, it is a real talent hunt, regardless of the field. Times change, people born in 2000 will soon enter the labor market, if they haven't already, and companies have had been using the same recruitment techniques for 20 years. HR people post an ad on a site and wait for candidates. And wait. And what do they get? 50 irrelevant candidates and hours wasted in the recruitment process.

We are in 2019 and companies have to differentiate themselves from competitors not only through their products and services, but also through their employer brand.

Employers can easily differentiate themselves from competition through Employer Branding, a fairly new concept in the Romanian market. The importance of Employer Branding is also demonstrated by its ability to improve the three most important employment values: time-to-hire, cost-per-hire, and rental quality. Although the long-term benefits of Employer Branding have been demonstrated, reducing your cost-per-hire by 50% and your time per hire by 50% ( survey by Linkedin ), Romanian professionals disagree because "they know better".

Every company needs a face, a culture, and a local identity. Without them, you can’t attract Millennials. Why? Because they don’t know who are you.

How is your work environment? How about your company’s culture? Why would someone want to be part of your team? If you can not answer these simple questions, then why do you think someone else would want to work for you?

Millennials consume so many videos and photos these days, so why won’t you give them something to see?

They are not as responsive to the commercials and print advertisements that worked for baby boomers and X generation. Millennials crave engagement, and they acquire it from watching a video. Video marketing is considered one of the best alternatives to television and print advertisements when wanting to capture the younger generation. Just think about this: before we buy a phone, a car, face cream or almost anything, we are looking for a video about that product, and after that we make a decision because there are a lot of options from where to choose.

If we make a full research for something more or less irrelevant as a face cream, why do you think we won't do one about your company?

This is how we do it ->

The defining point, according to Deloitte, is that the balance of power in the consumer-provider relationship has shifted to the consumer. So getting closer to the consumer is the way to survive and take advantage of the consumer-driven trends. The same principle applies to candidates. You have to get closer to the potential employees in order to attract them. You have to present yourself, so they can decide if you match their requests, and what better way than through videos and pictures before the first contact.

So…what will be your next move in attracting Millennials?


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