Students' Kit

Students' Kit is the greatest students' campaign: 21 universities, 12 cities & 50.000 students eager to meet you. The ultimate online & offline mix, Students' Kit makes your brand pop up and generates top of mind awareness through out the entire school year.

Students' Kit by cv30
Students & Promoters
cv30 workbook
Curious students
cv30 workbook in action
Branded planners in workbook
Students' Kit free gift bag
Our awesome setup
cv30 workbook & students

Reach students the entire academic year

Students' Kit


Our flagship students' product, the printed workbook represents the must-have item for every student. Based on students' feedback, we created interactive planners (exams planner, party planner etc) and each of them is associated with complementary brands.


50.000 students receive the free gift bag with your samples inside. We take care of all the logistics involved and also we ensure qualitative distribution process. Your products are tested by students all over the country.

Advertising options

cv30 prioritises the needs of each client. We strive to help you find your creative voice through a variety of services:

  • sampling to 50.000 students

  • printed ad in 50.000 workbooks

  • logo on 50.000 gift bags

  • logo on registration page

  • mention as partners in social media campaigns, emailing campaigns & radio campaign

The Process

- How It's Made -

Set the Stage Right

Before event

  • online communication: 9 months prior the event

  • students' online registration: in order to receive the goodie bag, students have to register

  • events' structure & add ons

  • people management: over 200 team leaders, promoters and collaborators involved

  • Universities' agreements on date & location 

  • workbooks design & DTP

  • workbooks printing 

  • goodie bags printed & filled with samples, ready to be shipped

Adjust & Have fun

During event

  • goodie bags & workbooks distribution

  • verify registered students

  • catch the vibe on camera

  • manage the events' flow in 22 universities (people management, transportation, distribution)

  • daily reports from each University

  • constant online communication (social media)

  • students' feedback on spot regarding the samples received 

Report & Improve

After event

  • customised reports for each partner

  • pics & videos included

  • students' survey with specific branded questions

  • recommendations for next edition 

Students' Kit

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