Youth marketing services

Step up your brand with great one-to-one engagement campaigns

The ono-to-one consumer engagement represents the most personal interaction between your brand and the target group. Sampling, leafleting, branded setups & more - you name it and we create the best consumer engagement campaign.

Our Services


Students' Kit is the greatest students' campaign: 21 universities, 12 cities & 50.000 students eager to meet you. The ultimate online & offline mix, Students' Kit makes your brand pop up and generates top of mind awareness through out the entire school year via cv30 workbook and free goodies distribution.

events cv30

We organise dedicated events inside high schools & universities, with a twist: we add the educational component, in order to offer students pieces of valuable content which will enable them to better use your product or service. Think about them as a great mix of events and content marketing.

consumer engagement

Our youth marketing experience enables us to offer you personalised concepts & dedicated implementation structures inside universities campuses, cafeterias and universities hallways.

Suzuki campaign

From Mamaia to Vama Veche, each Summer we create the best ono-to-one consumer engagement campaigns: special setups, beach branding, sampling, branded balloons & flags, dedicated contests - you name it and we deliver it.