Attract the right talent


cv30 makes your employer brand relevant for youths, in the

digital age, through the effective use of photography and videography

Let us make your

Employer Brand relevant

Youths are constantly on media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.


Let us help you showcase who you are, what you stand for and how you do things, through videos, photos and hashtags.

What makes you the Employer of Choice?


88% of the youths care about their potential employer company culture and​ look up online the employers of interest

Express your Employer Value Proposition professional media content, painting an accurate depiction of your local teams and office.

​Make yourself visible to people who are the best cultural fit for your company.

Example what we can do for your company

How do we do that?

Employer Branding Visual and Social Kit

Video & photo shooting

3 videos, 15 photos

Professional editing &

sound design


we help you identify and present relevance to ideal 

emoloyee market

Social Media collateral

Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin

and Google display ads visuals

Now it is your turn
make an appointment with one of our professionals consultants and let us work together to make your Employer Brand relevant today

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