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Career Shadowing by cv30 is the ultimate online-offline employer branding campaign 
Meet & greet students your way: we bring highly targeted students inside your offices and you show them the work environment, the team and what you do on a regular day @ the office.

Career Shadowing presentation

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Career Shadowing

- How It's Made -

Let's do a task

1. Before event

Set the Stage Right

  • online communication: 1 month prior the event

  • students' online registration: in order to participate @ Career Shadowing students have to register

  • events' structure & add ons

  • we filter & qualify the registered students in order to deliver the best match with your required students' profile

2. During event

Shadowing & social media

  • we make a "before" video asking both selected students & your company representatives about their expectations in relation to the Career Shadowing event

  • we bring the students to your offices

  • you present them a brief company description, the team, departments & office vibe

  • the entire event is documented via photos & videos and we capture every moment and every interaction 

  • students become the "shadows" of your employees and they discover how it's like to work inside your company

  • students post online real time updates with their experience in order to reach their colleagues & friends

  • we make an "after" video asking your company reps & students how was their experience compared to what they were expecting

Students shadowing employees
Students & the team

3. After event

Raise awareness

  • we process the photos & videos and make an advertorial about the entire experience

  • we communicate the Career Shadowing experience for 3 months, so that even more students with the same profile can hear about you, via: social media (Facebook, Instagram), Google ads, Youtube, direct emailing, blogs & posts, students' associations groups, 

  • raise your awareness through fresh visual content

  • we enable audience expansion through viral multimedia content posted by the participants inside their networks.

Career Shadowing

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