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Employer Branding

Your employer image will get the Millennial look & feel, online & offline

Our Employer Branding services are best-in-class. The Employer Branding work we offer enables your business to grow and helps increase your exposure in the 18-30 target group. We begin by working with you to define employer branding goals that focus on reach, engagement and exposure. This is what we live for: merging creativity and technology in a way that brings your business the best employer image.

Our Services

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Your dedicated career page on enables candidates to grasp the company’s vibe and its organisational culture. Our professional team will create a perfect blend of videos, pics & text to grasp the company's culture and work environment.


Digital Employer Branding

Whether your EVP is clearly defined or not, our digital employer branding consultants help you with the best suited Millennial communication strategy with little effort from your part.

Our awesome setup

Students' Kit is the greatest students' campaign: 22 universities, 12 cities & 50.000 students eager to meet you. The ultimate online & offline mix, Students' Kit makes your employer image pop up and generates top of mind awareness through out the entire school year.

Career Talks Bearing Point

Our career events bring you closer to students, through face to face meetings and informal dialogue, in students' favourite places: pubs, hubs & cafes. Authentic stories from your employees make the most of the interaction and you get your potential candidates' feedback by openly speaking to them.

Career Shadowing

Career Shadowing

Career Shadowing by cv30 is the ultimate online-offline employer branding campaign 
Meet & greet students your way: we bring highly targeted students inside your offices and you show them the work environment, the team and what you do on a regular day @ the office.

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Employer Branding Visual & Social Kit

There is no secret that nowadays the employer branding and recruitment activities require content generation & visual skills for online communication targeting potential candidates and current employees. The bravest employers choose to showcase their culture, management style and work environment through videos and photos and we are more than happy to help.

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